1948 – Mr. Momofuku Ando established Chukosasha Co. Ltd – a family operated company.

1958 – driven by food scarcity after World War II, Mr. Momofuku Ando invented CHICKEN RAMEN®, the World’s First Instant Noodle. The company was later renamed to Nissin Food Products Co., Ltd.

1968 – Demaeichou (CHU QIAN YI DING) was introduced in Japan. It later proved to be a great hit in the Hong Kong noodles market as well.

1970 – Nissin Food Products Co., Ltd. established its first overseas subsidiary – Nissin Foods (USA) Co., Inc. in Gardena, California. This was the time when instant noodle was first introduced to consumers in the US.

1971 – Mr. Momofuku Ando surprised the world with another invention- Cup Noodle. Cup noodle enabled a meal to be prepared and served all in one container and this revolutionised the method of meal preparation.

1984 – Nissin Foods Co.,Ltd was established in Hong Kong.

1993 – Nissin Foods GmbH was established in Germany. Indonesia subsidiary, PT. NISSINMAS also begun operations.

1994 – Nissin Foods (Thailand) Co., Ltd. began its operations.

1997 – Nissin’s “Hungry?” advertising series won the International Advertising Festival (CANNES LIONS).

1999 – The World’s First Instant Noodle Museum, The Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum in Ikeda City, Osaka Prefecture, was opened.

2003 – Aggregate sales of Cup Noodles since its launch in 1971 topped 20 billion servings.

2005 – Nissin Foods created the World’s First ramen for space- Space Ram. It was later carried onboard the Space Shuttle Discovery.

2006 – Aggregate sales of Cup Noodles increased to 25 billion servings globally.

2007 – Myojo Foods Company (Singapore) Pte Ltd. became a wholly owned subsidiary of Nissin Foods (Asia).

2008 – Nissin Foods Group became a pure holding company effective from October 1. Nissin Foods Holdings has us online pharmacy businesses in areas including instant noodles, chilled food products, frozen food products, cereal products, confectionaries, and lactic acid bacterial beverages.

2014 – The Global Research Institute “the WAVE” was completed and started operations.


In 1958, Mr. Momofuku Ando, founder of Nissin Food Products Co., Ltd, created the World’s First Instant Noodle- CHICKEN RAMEN®. It was invented with the goal of creating a satisfying meal that could be eaten anytime, anywhere.

CHICKEN RAMEN® sold well beyond expectation and soon after, became a new staple in the Japanese kitchen. Subsequently, this invention brought about a revolutionary change in culinary culture around the world.

The manufacturing of CHICKEN RAMEN™ involves the process of drying noodles through flash-frying in oil. This rapid drying process became the basis for all fried instant noodle production.

In 1971, Mr. Momofuku Ando developed CUP NOODLE™, the World’s First cup-type instant noodle. The manufacturing process involves turning the noodle cake upside down and dropping the cup from above to contain the noodles efficiently on the production line. This process plays an important role in the patent for CUP NOODLE™. Having a single cup which serves as the packaging, cooking vessel and serving dish is the basis for cup-type instant noodles.

Till date, the seeds of Mr. Momofuku Ando’s inventions have flourished into an industry that supplies 105 billion servings of noodles annually to noodle lovers globally.

The New York Times editorial edition on 9th January 2007 expressed appreciation for the achievements of Mr. Momofoku Ando. He was referred to affectionately as “Mr. Noodles” and it was mentioned that he deserves an eternal place in the pantheon of human achievement.


Another of Mr. Momofuku Ando’s achievement was the development of “Space Ram”, a vacuum-packed instant ramen. “Space Ram” was first of its kind and it was made especially for consumption in outer space. After NASA’s stringent quality and safety check, Japanese astronaut, Soichi Noguchi, carried “Space Ram” into space on-board the Space Shuttle Discovery in July 2005. “Space Ram” was created using technology that included various systems to prevent the noodles and soup from seeping out in zero gravity. With this remarkable invention, consumption of ramen is said to transcend terrestrial boundaries.

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